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After seeing a film by Frederick Wiseman

We live in a time of continuous pre-existing conditions.

It’s our job to take our lives seriously, but anyone who does so does so at great peril.

Evil isn’t banal, as proposed by Hannah Arendt; life is banal.

The world is now constructed as a constant promotion; by this I mean that the system that’s been created and then co-created is a marketing phenomena dependent on sustaining the unsustainable growth of human and animal populations.

In this age of astonishing technological triumph, of grand political double and triple-speak, of flourishing tattoo parlors on the Main Streets of middle American, it is still possible to convey some basic human truths by holding a camera on a Christian preacher as he delivers the eulogy for a beloved mother and wife, whether one happens to be Christian or not.

There’s a real beauty to flat landscapes: trees stand out, for instance. The horizon lines are so clearly delineated that it seems you can see forever. The sky is often lovely, filled with white puffy clouds.

And yet God’s kingdom is flooded with communication and mis-communication; god’s children live on pizza, ground chuck, chips and beer.

Even if Jesus Christ was to return to earth, we must not vote for him if he’s a Republican.

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