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The Classical World Press Release


For Immediate Release
The Classical World to Debut: Genre-Bending,
Time-traveling ‘Novel of Ideas’

San Francisco, CA—The genre bending new title, The Classical World, A Novel of Ideas by Thomas Fuller, will be released June 28, 2018 by IFSF Publishing.

“The book defies categorization,” says Brooks Roddan, founder of IFSF. “Mr. Fuller wanted to call it a ‘novel-log’ because it crosses so many genre-boundaries—fiction, travel, and philosophy.” Fuller, speaking about his new work, says he doesn’t “do plots per se,” but “does concepts instead.”
“The hero of The Classical World travels the Mediterranean, primarily Italy and Sicily, asking the big questions the ancient philosophers asked—what is beauty, what is truth, what is love--first with a male sidekick he ditches and then a feminine companion who becomes his muse,” says publisher Roddan. “After a series of adventures in Rome, Naples, Palermo, Agrigento, and Matera, he drills into the ‘question of questions’, the original philosophical question—what is the best way to live one’s life?”
Roddan believes that the book’s epigram, from the late Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard—The thinking man always finds himself in a gigantic orphanage in which people are continually proving to him that he has no parents—provides context. “Mr. Fuller knows how to have fun with time, but in a playfully serious way. He’s the only writer I know of who can invoke characters as diverse as Anna Fendi and Giotto, William Carlos Williams and The Pope, Heraclitus and Nietzsche and make sense of them. The book is extremely hopeful about the possibilities of a continuing civilization,” says his publisher.
The Classical World is illustrated with a series of stunning color collages of images the narrator captured during his travels. Mr. Roddan, the publisher, credits Ingalls Design of San Francisco for the sensitive and inspired handling of the photographic materials.
Thomas Fuller’s 2014 novel Monsieur Ambivalence—the story of an American man who tries to sit quietly in a room for one hour in a village in France, per the instruction of the 17th c philosopher Blaise Pascal—was a Finalist in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Awards.


THE CLASSICAL WORLD, A Novel of Ideas by Thomas Fuller
Publisher IF SF Publishing,

Pub Date June 28, 2018
$25.00 (trade edition) ISBN 978-0-9859773-9-9
Four Color Collages and Black and White Photographs throughout
Softcover with French Flaps, 234 pages
$75.00 Case bound Deluxe Limited Edition ISBN 978-0-9859773-4-4


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